Velvet Vanity Liquid Lipstick Review in Slamberry

Sunday, June 26, 2016

(Please always be reminded my review are purchased by myself and what I have written here are all HONEST REVIEW. THANKS!)


Hai! Today i nak review liquid lipstick yang i baru order 5 hari lepas. Liquid lipstick yang i nak review ni baru je lauch hujung bulan march lepas. Tapi bulan 6 ni baru i ada kesempatan untuk order even sebenarnya this liquid lipstick ni dah lama dalam wishlist huhuhu


I order this liquid lipstick hari sabtu, 18hb jun then sampai dekat depan rumah 25hb jun. Lebih kurang seminggu jugak la ambil masa untuk sampai depan rumah. Maybe sebab order terlampau banyak kot so my parcel delay. Tapi sebenarnya tak kesah pun asalkan lipstick sampai hahaha

Velvet Vanity Liquid Lipstick in shade Slamberry (Bestseller)

I order velvet vanity liquid lipstick ni sebab sekarang dieorang tengah buat sale RM10 off for each lipstick plus FREE SHIPPING! I ni pantang kalau nampak sale ni mesti nak beli hehehe harga asal lipstick ni RM59 exclude postage but now just RM49 free postage! Berbaloi sangat sangat kan!!! So sesiapa yang tak beli lagi tu cepat cepat order sebelum out of stock! But now shade slamberry dah out of stock you guys!

The applicator (doe foot applicator)

Love the applicator because give me an even application! No messy bristles.

Review :

I think this formula of velvet vanity liquid lipstick is similar to the dose of colors liquid lipstick and ABH liquid lipstick. The texture a bit oily when apply on my lips so it takes a little more time to dry completely. They dry down to matte finish, like a complete transfer proof which is i like! Removing them is super easy and they do not leave any stain. This shade that i choose which is Slamberry, for me... em i like this colour so much! The perfect pink shade. Its also 100% vegan and cruelty free.


:D Very lightweight
:D Good colour payoff
:D Decent sweet vanilla scent
:D Not sticky, most comfortable on my lips which is i like the most!
:D Very opaque


:D Longevity of the liquid lipstick which is did not last long. Last for 4-5 hours

Here's how that slamberry looked swatched on my hand.

Without flash

With flash

Im wearing velvet vanity liquid lipstick in shade slamberry 



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